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Muff Irish Whiskey new bottle pre order


Muff Whiskey is a 5 part blend of Irish Malt and Grain Whiskey’s, each one bringing an individual element. These combine to give multiple layers of flavour on the nose, middle-palate and end of the tasting experience.

1. Irish triple distilled grain whiskey in a virgin cask will get a very dark colour from the heavy char toasting and give a sweet vanilla note.

2. Irish triple distilled grain whiskey matured in ex- -American bourbon casks, adds a light and sweet note to the mix.

3. Sherry matured triple distilled malt whiskey which gives body to the drink.

4. Double distilled Irish malt whiskey which provides a fruity-ester presence.

5. Peated triple distilled malt whiskey is again matured in ex-American bourbon casks and brings a smoky flavour and long rounded finish.

*Please note this product is for pre-order only. Shipping will take place September 2024.

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