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Muff Irish Potato Vodka new bottle pre order


The distillation process of Muff Vodka begins by selected the finest potatoes. A mash is formed by mixing potatoes with water and enzymes. This mixture undergoes a steam heating process, allowing for saccharification, the conversion of starches into fermentable sugars. Following this, yeast is introduced to initiate fermentation, during which the sugars are converted into alcohol.

The fermented mash is then distilled six times to achieve a remarkable purity. This rigorous distillation process ensures that the vodka reached an ABV of over 96%. To achieve the desired final ABV of 40%, the spirit is cut with pure water before undergoing a meticulous filtration process.

The result is a premium vodka that boasts a clean and crisp flavour profile. Muff Vodka delivers a smooth and well-balanced experience, making it an excellent choice for sipping neat or as a versatile base for cocktails.

*Please note this product is for pre-order only. Shipping will take place September 2024.

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